Parsons Fashion History Project

Look One: Egyptian Inspiration.


In the look to the left, by Badgley Mischka for Fall RTW 2014, you can see that they’ve borrowed from a very glamorous ancient look: The Egyptians. The Egyptians were known for their luxurious fashions, and this Badgley Mischka look really captures the elegance with the white basic dress and how it pools softly at the bottom, and the heavy embellishments along the neckline. This look is truly fit for a Pharoh’s wife.

 Look Two: The Nineties Sweater


These sweaters were made famous by Bill Cosby in The Cosby Show, and by Will Smith’s show, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The sweaters tend to be oversized and loud. They often have images or patterns on them. These modern ones are from Alexander Wang’s Fall 2014 RTW collection.

 Look 3: Marilyn Monroe’s Happy Birthday, Mr. President dress:


The modern day version isn’t an exact copy of this iconic number, but it’s close. The legendary and gorgeous Marilyn Monroe wore the original dress during her birthday song for President John F. Kennedy in 1962. For their Fall 2014 RTW collection, Badgley Mischka took this iconic look, and kept the color, length, and most of the beaded parts, and let out the bottom, and added loose, flowy sleeves.

Look 4: The Little Black Dress


The LBD really needs no introduction, as it was loved by everyone since the moment of its creation. It’s a timeless, classic, elegant, fantastic look that can be worn by absolutely anyone. Badgley Mischka took advantage of the original concept by Chanel, and turned it into a contemporary sleeveless evening gown with a loose bottom to allow a delicate flow. This was part of their RTW Fall 2014 collection.

 Look 5: An Ode to Prep School:


Only children who went to Catholic or Private schools would be haunted by this particular fashion, and wonder why on earth anyone would want to dress like this without it being a requirement. Band of Outsiders took this wholesome and proper look, and made it a bit more relaxed (but not as relaxed as Gossip Girl did) for their 2014 Fall RTW line. For some of us, though, we’ll pass. That skirt holds too many haunting and scarring memories!

Look 6: The 90’s Sequin Dress/Miss Piggy Dress/Lisa Frank Inspired Style


In Betsy Johnson’s Fall 2014 collection, she seems to have channeled her inner 90’s kid. Lisa Frank was a fundamental part of 90’s childhood with it’s hodgepodge of pattern, neon colors, and weird pictures, but I think Betsy took it a bit too far. The models reminded me of a Miss Piggy doll I had when I was a child. It’s kind of scary to see this style life-sized and walking the runway!

Look 7: The Woman’s Suit:


Veronique Branquinho took a men’s classic look with the coat on the left, and combined it in the same Fall 2014 line with women’s suits.  In the 1930’s and 40’s, women’s suits didn’t have pants, they had knee length or longer skirts, so the pants are a slightly modern addition. The Men’s jacket is a classic men’s look, but as you can see here, it certainly works for women as well. They are very clean and professional looks, and can be worn easily together.

Look 8: The Bride of Frankenstein by Chloé


Although the Chloé version is considerably shorter, when I first saw this dress, I thought of the Bride of Frankenstein (1935). There are a lot of extra layers of fabric in both looks, and they’re both white/cream dresses. Both look like they’re made of the bandages used by the Ancient Egyptians for mummies.

 Look 9: Equestrian.


The Equestrian look is another timeless and sophisticated look often channeled by contemporary designers. Chloé hit it spot on with their take on the equestrian style. It perfectly mimics the traditional riding suits of the 1930’s, and later versions of this include Audrey Hepburn’s riding clothes from the 1950’s, and Stella McCartney’s design from 2008.