My poor Grandmother

So, anyone who knows me knows all about what’s been going on lately with my grandmother. It’s been a roller coaster during the past 3 months, but this woman is now 91, and is fighting on. We originally thought that getting her out of the hospital would be a blessing, to get her into a nursing home was our goal for the month that she was in the hospital with gastrointestinal problems.

Fast forward two months, and our main concern is getting her the hell out of that nursing home, and into a more caring one, or back home with a nurse on duty during the day.

We thought everything had been going well, and it was for the first two weeks. Then we got a call that she had been dropped by a nurse and had gashes on her legs. She assured us that it was an accident, and didn’t want us to make a fuss over it, so we didn’t. Next, my mother got a phone call that she was being kicked out of the nursing home for being ‘noncompliant’ in therapy. It was further explained that she wasn’t cooperating because she was scared to do some of the things she was asked to do, and instead of being helped through those fears, they decided it would be easier to kick her out. Reluctantly, they agreed to let her stay until the 13th of March.

When visiting her tonight, the nurse asked me to help my grandma into bed, since I had done it before. I agreed, and while helping her, I got to see first hand what horrible shape she is in. One of her ankles is swollen because of tightly bound medical tape (because of the gash on her leg), and she’s beginning to get a rash on her back.

The only amazing nurse in that place is Grace, who treats my grandmother with the love, care, and respect that my grandmother deserves. We are so thankful that Grace is there most days, and we miss her so much on her days off.


I just can’t believe that working with her so closely on a daily basis, that no one would notice these issues. She’s never seen the doctor who supposedly checks in with residents on a weekly basis. It’s a horribly neglectful place, and I can’t wait to get her the hell out of there.



Parsons Fashion History Project

Look One: Egyptian Inspiration.


In the look to the left, by Badgley Mischka for Fall RTW 2014, you can see that they’ve borrowed from a very glamorous ancient look: The Egyptians. The Egyptians were known for their luxurious fashions, and this Badgley Mischka look really captures the elegance with the white basic dress and how it pools softly at the bottom, and the heavy embellishments along the neckline. This look is truly fit for a Pharoh’s wife.

 Look Two: The Nineties Sweater


These sweaters were made famous by Bill Cosby in The Cosby Show, and by Will Smith’s show, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The sweaters tend to be oversized and loud. They often have images or patterns on them. These modern ones are from Alexander Wang’s Fall 2014 RTW collection.

 Look 3: Marilyn Monroe’s Happy Birthday, Mr. President dress:


The modern day version isn’t an exact copy of this iconic number, but it’s close. The legendary and gorgeous Marilyn Monroe wore the original dress during her birthday song for President John F. Kennedy in 1962. For their Fall 2014 RTW collection, Badgley Mischka took this iconic look, and kept the color, length, and most of the beaded parts, and let out the bottom, and added loose, flowy sleeves.

Look 4: The Little Black Dress


The LBD really needs no introduction, as it was loved by everyone since the moment of its creation. It’s a timeless, classic, elegant, fantastic look that can be worn by absolutely anyone. Badgley Mischka took advantage of the original concept by Chanel, and turned it into a contemporary sleeveless evening gown with a loose bottom to allow a delicate flow. This was part of their RTW Fall 2014 collection.

 Look 5: An Ode to Prep School:


Only children who went to Catholic or Private schools would be haunted by this particular fashion, and wonder why on earth anyone would want to dress like this without it being a requirement. Band of Outsiders took this wholesome and proper look, and made it a bit more relaxed (but not as relaxed as Gossip Girl did) for their 2014 Fall RTW line. For some of us, though, we’ll pass. That skirt holds too many haunting and scarring memories!

Look 6: The 90’s Sequin Dress/Miss Piggy Dress/Lisa Frank Inspired Style


In Betsy Johnson’s Fall 2014 collection, she seems to have channeled her inner 90’s kid. Lisa Frank was a fundamental part of 90’s childhood with it’s hodgepodge of pattern, neon colors, and weird pictures, but I think Betsy took it a bit too far. The models reminded me of a Miss Piggy doll I had when I was a child. It’s kind of scary to see this style life-sized and walking the runway!

Look 7: The Woman’s Suit:


Veronique Branquinho took a men’s classic look with the coat on the left, and combined it in the same Fall 2014 line with women’s suits.  In the 1930’s and 40’s, women’s suits didn’t have pants, they had knee length or longer skirts, so the pants are a slightly modern addition. The Men’s jacket is a classic men’s look, but as you can see here, it certainly works for women as well. They are very clean and professional looks, and can be worn easily together.

Look 8: The Bride of Frankenstein by Chloé


Although the Chloé version is considerably shorter, when I first saw this dress, I thought of the Bride of Frankenstein (1935). There are a lot of extra layers of fabric in both looks, and they’re both white/cream dresses. Both look like they’re made of the bandages used by the Ancient Egyptians for mummies.

 Look 9: Equestrian.


The Equestrian look is another timeless and sophisticated look often channeled by contemporary designers. Chloé hit it spot on with their take on the equestrian style. It perfectly mimics the traditional riding suits of the 1930’s, and later versions of this include Audrey Hepburn’s riding clothes from the 1950’s, and Stella McCartney’s design from 2008.

So many good things are happening!! :D

I’ve been accepted to one of the most prestigious fashion schools in NYC, and I start next week. After orientation sessions, I’ve been exploring the wonderful city that I’ve lived so close to for so long, but always thought was a world away. It’s been fantastic to see new things and discover so many cool features and stories. 🙂 Image

Times Square [Madame Tussaud’s]

ImageGreenwich Village, NYC [5th Ave]

ImageJefferson Market Library

ImageThe Algonquin Hotel, Times Square area

ImageWhite Flowers at Jefferson Market Library

ImageWorld Trade Center Memorial, NYC. This was a very personal visit for me. I was an 11 year old in school in NYC at the time that this attack happened. One of the scariest days of my life.

ImageWashington Square Park. 🙂

ImageGraduated from this beautiful campus in Westchester….

To follow my dream….of doing this…..


In this city….


And I regret nothing.

I’ll try to post on this more regularly. Hope you enjoyed my little show and tell!! 



[note: all photos taken by me.]








Plus Sized Problem?

As a proud plus sized girl, I have to say that finding clothing to cover my extra bits is pretty hard. Well, finding clothing isn’t the hard thing. Finding quality clothing is. I’ve tried many different mainstream stores, but I’ve found that the clothing is just not worth the money they expect for it.


Forever 21 has great style, but the quality truly reflects the prices….not even, though. I bought a great (so I thought) pair of vertical striped skinny jeans. After only two wears and washes, the black faded into the white in the crotch area. Completely faded. I now had grey pants, but only in the crotch area. I was pretty disappointed.

Avenue only has one product that truly appeals to me: wide calf boots. They have a phenomenal selection, and have great sales. A++ for them. Their clothing is a bit too pricy for my liking, though. I’ve only bought a few things from them. It’s okay, but expensive.


H&M has a very basic, drab plus size collection. Plain and simple, I am not a fan at all.


Etsy is my favorite. Hand crafted and unique. 🙂


If anyone has any comments or suggestions, I would really appreciate it!!


xoxo -M

I Just Saw The Show, And I’m Still A Believer.


Here three come…. Rocking out on stage…. I’m so sick of hearing…..That it’s not the same!!!! Hey, Hey, they’re The Monkees!

So, on July 15th, 2013, I had the most amazing night out with my parents. My mom and I had been working hard on getting tickets for this concert to cheer up my dad, who is a recent amputee. Let me say, this absolutely did the trick.

We decided upon the announcement of this tour, that, as a family of Monkees fans, we absolutely could not miss this for the world. I am literally an eccentric hippie’s soul in a 23-year-old’s body. The Monkees are one of my favorite bands in the world (clearly, I was raised the right way)!!

Growing up, The Monkees were a very important part of my life. My grandma would treat me to a Monkees VHS tape once a week, and we would spend time together watching each tape over and over. I quickly fell in love with the humor and talent of these four incredible men. It was a lovely journey down memory lane for her, and an incredible introduction to a pretty groovy world for me. Because of those little dates with grandma, my parents encouraged this fandom, and for most holidays and birthdays, I would get some really cool memorabilia. Over the years, I acquired a Monkees director’s chair, a Monkees bathrobe, Monkees pins, clothing, tapes, CD’s, cassettes, trinket boxes, etc. The list could go on and on.

My favorite was ALWAYS Peter. He was so cute and funny (still is..), and had a really nice head of hair (still does, too!)

So on 7/15, we went out to Port Chester not knowing what to expect. What we found was pure brilliance. They played all the usual famous hits, songs that I hadn’t heard since my childhood, and truly expressed their many, many talents. It was a wonderful night, and we all had such an amazing time. We’re so glad we went.

Upon arriving home, I quickly went to the usual social media sites to rave about the performance. What I found really surprised me.

So many people were refusing to go to this tour because Davy Jones had passed away, and they just didn’t understand how it would work without him. Let me just say this: ALL four contributed  equal amounts of amazingness to the legacy. Although Davy was a Monkee, he wasn’t THE MONKEES. There were three other equally talented men performing alongside him. Each Monkee contributed something unique and awesome to the group, but no single one made the group. For a while, Mike Nesmith wasn’t performing with them in the ’80’s….but people seem to forget that. My parents went to that show, and although they said it would have been nice if Nez was there, they said they had an absolutely fabulous time, and would not have changed it for the world. I feel the same way about this tour. They do a lovely tribute to Davy, and include him in all of the clips played on the gigantic on-stage screen. Although he’s passed on, he is there in spirit 110%, and the show must go on. Not just for the fans who weren’t lucky enough to see them in the ’60’s and ’80’s, but for the fans that have been there from the start (as this concert is a lovely trip down memory lane), and also for the remaining members of The Monkees.

I was really lucky to be able to experience this. The Monkees put on one hell of a show.


They don’t make ’em like Peter Tork anymore. That’s for sure. But seeing him on stage was a serious dream come true. Thank you for being so amazing, Mr. Tork.

Let My Show Begin


Howdy. I’m Meghan. I don’t know how to say this, but I’m kind of a big deal.

Excuse me while I pull the stick from my bum. Ouch. Anywhoo, I’m Meghan, and I’m an average young American adult living in one of the greatest cities for fashion: NYC. I’m very much into fashion, and will be attending Parsons The New School for Design in the fall. I’m extremely excited to begin this new and amazing chapter in my life. I’ve been working towards this for a long time.

For most of my childhood, I wanted to be a lawyer. I wanted to make a huge salary and defend people all day, everyday. As I got older, I realized how not me this plan was. I had always been a dreamer, an artist, imaginative, quirky, and extremely casual. Doesn’t sound very lawyer-like to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t decide to switch career paths until after the completion of my BA in English and Pre-Law. Oopsie.

Here I am now. Re-tracing my footsteps and doing something I truly want to do. I get such pleasure out of drawing, reading the NYT fashion section, putting outfits together with tons of unique accessories, and re-creating existing garments. I call that last one adding a “touch of meggo”. Everyone else calls it ridiculous. But that never stops me. NEVER.

I’ve yet to figure out the true meaning of this blog. For now, I suppose, we’ll just say that it’s something to cure my boredom. I’m sure, though, that as time goes on, it will become a painfully accurate set of snapshots of this awesome thing called life. I believe mine to be fairly interesting, and mostly silly. And, like anyone else’s life, there are ups and downs.

Enjoy learning about me, my takes on current fashion trends, and the things I do in my spare time. I know I will. 🙂

xx -megg0